Sick days

When freshmeat (new skaters) come to derby, it’s often about fun, friends, fishnets. And at some point through fall drills and endurance laps and enough scrimmages and bouts, those who stick come to love derby not as a game or a hobby, but as the sport. And that’s a tough adjustment (but that’s for another post).

With that adjustment comes the “me” part of it. If you’re playing a sport, you’re an athlete.  Athletes don’t eat like you ate before. They crosstrain. They watch lots of derby footage to scope out other teams. They do lots of things that the girl you were at tryouts wouldn’t have dreamed of doing. Or eating.

Yesterday I was sick. Labyrinthitis. It means I was too dizzy to stand up yesterday, nevermind drive to the rink or skate. I missed practice. If I’m not better by tomorrow, I’ll miss another.

Other skaters will sympathize, because somewhere along the line not roller skating and not doing planks and pushups and endurance laps became a punishment. Weird, right? Because for me, eating this much spinach and eggs and doing that many minutes of squats used to be the grueling part … not lying in bed watching …

Time to rest and heal.

3 thoughts on “Sick days

  1. I keep telling myself that I need to stop eating like I do, and start working/training harder. Every day that goes by is another day I’ve “failed” at the idea. After reading your blog I’ve become inspired in a new way. I think it’s due time that I get my butt in gear if I want to be the greatest skater I can be. Thank you, Dash. Please keep up the wonderful writing. You make it nice to relate to in the world of derby! ❤ KTNT

  2. Hi Dash,

    I found your blog via google, as I’ve just been diagsed with labyrinthitis, and I play roller derby (not long passed basics and working towards a spot on the B team). I was just wondering if you suffer labs long term and how it affects you playing?

    Any help appreciated, I’m sulking as I can’t even think of putting skates on right now and I’m missing out on so much! Doc says can’t give recovery time, and its likely to be recurring 😦


    1. Hey Deth,
      Sorry to hear that.
      It was super awful and I had to stay in bed for more than a day because walking to the bathroom was a hazy, spinning journey. I think I was sick for three days. It hit quick and hard for me. Feel better soon.
      Also — do not go to practice until you feel better. Once I returned I heard other skaters saying, “I was feeling so dizzy …” so I wonder if others can catch it.

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