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One year in, what’s coming to

I launched a year ago. To celebrate blog-a-versary, here are the five most-read entries of all time (some topping 20,000 views): Journalists miss the real ($50M) roller derby story. Every time. Distracted by the glitter, wheels, hitting and names … Continue reading

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Our changing bodies: How roller derby made me smaller, bigger, bigger and why that was hard

Roller derby has changed and changed and re-changed my body. I got skinny, I got bigger in some areas (welcome back, awkward teenage years), I got skinny and worried about myself, I got some nice abs for a minute, my … Continue reading

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Grim D Mise talks about not making the Team USA roster … this time

This is the last installment of the Grim D Mise series. I’ve followed the Maine Roller Derby player through her Team USA tryouts since May. A preliminary roster of candidates was published on the team’s Facebook page and Grim wasn’t … Continue reading

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What do captains want from me?

Rose City Rollers has four home teams. Each is a different flavor. In my mind — and I’m bias — The Breakneck Betties (red) are the hard hitters, The High Rollers (green/gold) are beautiful women and speed-skater-like, The Guns and … Continue reading

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Take the star — why you’re going to try jamming next practice

It happens in leagues all over the world. A jammer comes out of a drill, sweaty and breathing hard, pulls the panty off her head, smiles and waves it in the air. “Who wants to jam?” Happy, huffing jammers approaching … Continue reading

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