How to play “watching roller derby”

As blog followers know, I was on a 30+ day road trip. No Internet … during regionals … all the regionals. I’m still catching up. Some people have drinking games, I have a derby game.

Here’s how you play my game. I call it “watching roller derby”:
First half: plank first 30 seconds of every jam
Second half: do five pushups at the start of every jam
Official time outs: bicycles.

Because what’s more motivating than watching the thing you’re working for (being a better athlete) to get you to crosstrain? I like planks and pushups because I don’t get a lot of arm work in my regular skating practices. I also like it because if I set the laptop on the floor at the right height, I don’t miss a thing while I’m doing these exercises.

You can usually get in 50 push ups and 10 minutes of planking in this way … per game.

Some recent games I’d HIGHLY recommend:
Texas v Atlanta (HOLY!)
Nashville v No Coast (hooooo!)
London v Philly

They’re all free on Get strong, get smart, get up-to-date on our ever-changing sport.

You have got to see V Diva play in the London/Philly game. Here she is hugging Teflon Donna on

4 thoughts on “How to play “watching roller derby”

  1. Dash, you are brilliant! I am so going to do this from now on when watching archived bouts at home, and quite possibly during other shows. I love your blog, keep inspiring us all. Miss you! ❤ KTNT

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