About Dash

Hard Dash is a skater for Maine Roller Derby. She’s a jammer for Maine’s all stars and skates for the Calamity Janes (home team), Team Maine and Team Massachusetts. She is also the chair of the WFTDA’s TV Programming Committee and a member of a grievance panel for the WFTDA.

Before that, she skated for Rose City Rollers in Portland, Oregon on the travel team and for the Heartless Heathers (home team – por vida). She founded Rock Coast Rollers in Rockland, Maine in January 2011 before heading West in 2012, then back East in 2014.

Professionally, Dash (Heather Steeves) has been a journalist for the Portland Press Herald, The Oregonian and the Bangor Daily News. She’s now working in public relations for a large nonprofit in Portland, Maine



You can email Dash if you are not mean. HSteeves at gmail.

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