The “mercy rule” breaks my soul

I have only one thought on the 2014 World Cup rules announced today, really:

It takes incredible hurdles to create magnificent victories. Our heroes don’t come because they face everyday circumstances — they come out of harrowing times.

Therefore, I loathe the mercy rule that Blood and Thunder announced today. According to DNN, it states: “If a team is leading by 100 points with 20 minutes remaining, the leading team will be awarded a ‘technical knock-out.'”

I think the mercy rule crushes the soul of roller derby fans. Part of the fun is rooting for an underdog and vicariously living through their victories (even if it’s just “SHE GOT LEAD JAMMER!). As a derby fan I love the second half. I know teams come back. I know they re-think, re-energize and re-evaluate their play and adapt. Part of the satisfaction I get is seeing the smarts of the sport — OK, Team B, you’re losing. Now what?

Because isn’t that what real victory looks like? — Figuring out that who you are isn’t good enough and that to rise to the task you must be better than you thought you could be. I think so.

And from a practical standpoint: Blood and Thunder also reduced penalties to 30 seconds (or, if the other jammer it out and scoring, the penalized jammer only serves one scoring pass in the box) — OK. I can live with that. Hypothetically, someone great could score 40 points in a powerjam minute. 20 points in a half-minute — assuming you could goat the jammer that long under this rule set. 100 points is still only five (magically awesome) power jams away.

Come on, Blood and Thunder, don’t take away the chance of a great story with amazing heroes conquering the seemingly unconquerable. It’s not who we are.

9 thoughts on “The “mercy rule” breaks my soul

  1. I also abhor the mercy rule. I was always taught to play against people better than me so I could learn from their play. So a less talented team can travel across the world to crappy Dallas Texas and possibly not play a full bout and learn from more formidible teams? Bad call!
    I am intrigued with the :30 penalties. I do t staying in until the other jammer scores us not needed. A skater brought up that NSO box timers have enough to do already. Hm…they will have to watch their timer, watch the ref to indicate a score, at :10 tell the jammer to stand, then at :00 tell the jammer she’s done. All In :30. Too much.

  2. Reblogged this on lovelylikebeestings and commented:
    I agree and I don’t. When I watch derby, I want to see close games. They’re more exciting. But there have been a LOT of games that I almost gave up on (watching teams that aren’t my league with a point spread of over 150? not fun, often, and frequently results in my turning to another game or turning off the derby altogether, even though I know I should watch for skills at least) that had a ridiculous point spread that suddenly became close games. I’ve seen teams down by more than 100 points suddenly have a couple power jams and bring that gap down to 10 or 15 points. I’ve seen teams come back from 100 point deficits.

    So I just argued myself right into agreeing with Hard Dash.

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