Fresh meat to travel team: Do our insecurites ever change?

Last week after a practice I spoke with a fresh meat skater. Then I spoke with a travel team skater.

The fresh meat skater said she is nervous that people don’t notice her. A home team draft is coming up and what if no one wants her?

The travel team skater said she’s nervous that her coaches don’t notice her. A bout is coming up and what if she doesn’t get game time?

What does this say about us? Derby doesn’t get easier. Your insecurities don’t go away. You just get better.  — Is that the takeaway? I’m not sure, but this has been rumbling around in my brain all week.

What do you think?

One thought on “Fresh meat to travel team: Do our insecurites ever change?

  1. I just got back to Maine after spending 6 months in CA. I had to request a LOA, but luckily I skated with another team in the high desert while working seasonally. Getting ready to come home, I was going nuts with anxiety, worrying if I was going to fit in and make the cut for the next bout roster. I don’t think the feeling of nervousness ever goes away, and I don’t think it should. It keeps you on your toes, if you’re not worried about making a roster, you might not work as hard, while the girl who is really anxious will work hard and maybe surprise you and surpass you. Always be working! Always keep a little bit of that nervousness!

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