New rules, new patience.

I can’t talk about the new WFTDA rules because they’re not publicly out until Monday. But we know changes are coming. By changing the rules, WFTDA is changing the way you’re going to play. (If you’re the jerk screaming “I WON’T CHANGE” you’re the jerk in the box. Six times. Then the jerk without a jersey. Probably.)

This is where the mind strength is going to come in. Especially for those people who are out there, bouting and scrimmaging. It will be hard. People who are not used to going to the box will. People who are used to going to the box will more.

This is where that last energy post comes in.

It’s where we need to remember how to treat ourselves: Like learners. If you’re trying to teach someone something, does it help to bark at them and be mean and demoralize them? No. So, when you’re in the box because you haven’t learned the new rules and how to apply them perfectly, remember that. It’s going to take time to teach yourself, so be kind.

It’s hard. It’s really fucking hard. I know.

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