A very derby Halloween

My league recently bumped up my “level” so now I can practice with home teams. Yey! My practice schedule opened from Thurs, Sat, Sun to Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Sat, Sun. Good thing I love to roller skate.

Tonight is the Halloween scrimmage. I’ll try to remember to bring my camera for you all. I think I’m going to go as a figure skater.

I’m adjusting here. I used to walk into the practice space and go “WOW!!!!!!!!” and now it’s more like, “OK. Time to gear up.” That in itself is weird to me. The other day before practice I pulled my gearbag out of my trunk and looked at my old league’s sticker on my bumper. I thought about why I don’t yet have my new league’s sticker. It feels like my heart is in Maine and my skates are here, a little bit. I know my heart will follow. Eventually. It’s scary to get a new normal. Speaking of scary:

Happy Halloween. Here are some badass derby skaters who wear face paint:

I know some of ya’ll have worn face paint for derby too. Post photos below? I wanna see.

Thing I’m proud of: Making my new skater status, quickly. Three I’m grateful for: This last bit of downtime before starting my new job, my friends in Maine who listen to me when I want to blab on about derby here, my new friends here who bring me to the bar after practice and let me hit them in the face. Whoops.

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