Derby resolutions

Lots of people are resolving to be skinny right about now. I’m not one of them. Being skinny doesn’t help you be a muscley roller derby warrior like I want to be.

Last year I resolved to get strong and fast. It was pretty much the same one as in January 2011, when I found roller derby.

But, that saying is true: It doesn’t get easier, you just get better/stronger.

I don’t like abstract goals — immeasurable — like “get stronger and faster.”

I argue this isn’t. In January 2011 I think I could maaaaaaybe have made 25 laps in 5 minutes. This past year I made 32 laps (maybe it was 34. Honestly can’t remember) in five minutes. With that endurance, I went to Rose City Rollers to skate and was exhausted after my first endurance practice. I don’t get that tired anymore. I don’t fight to keep up — I fight to push myself now. (I haven’t times my laps since June). So, it’s not immeasurable. I am a faster me.

My thighs don’t fit into my old pants. My belly went from a little round to flat to weirdly jutting out (abs) a bit. I did 100 pushups yesterday, 10 minutes of planks, 5 minutes of crunches while watching a bout. Last year I couldn’t do 50 pushups without taking a day. I’m a stronger me.

To make it more concrete, here are some subgoals for 2013:

-Make the B team roster
-Become an integral part of my home team
-Find the volunteer job in my league where I can do the most good
-Work on arm control so that my upper body is helping, not hurting my form and stride.
-Crosstrain at least twice a week (ideally plyo for footwork)

I’d love to hear your derby goals for 2013 in the comments.